Who we are

e are a group of Professors that started in 2013, once realizing after many years of teaching, that the information provided by the school was some how limited to time and resources from the student end. We have set out to create a platform where students and experts could share and access the great academic content they needed to succeed, at any time, from anywhere. Most students work and have a shorter or a difficult time frames to study; imagine been able to study with a professional Tutor  and Teachers at any time. There are not that many user friendly resources on the internet for students trying to learn a exclusive topic like (Science), so we thought we would try and create one to help others to learn anatomy and physiology. This website is aimed at many different levels and at a wide range of different users, from pre-med, nurses, to physiotherapists, to osteopaths, to medical students and more. Scorenit provides a suite of digital resources that help you learn what you need as efficiently and effectively as possible. Study like a pro with access to millions of practice problems and peer notes with Study Documents. Become a master memorizer with Flashcards. Still have questions? No problem, our expert Tutoring videos have your back 24/7. Today, millions of eager learners take advantage of our quality materials whether you need to Ace a class or improve your grade, we have the tools you need to achieve your goals. Remember that by improving the access to knowledge will enrich your lives and exposes future opportunities, so Scorenit brings together the best content and subject matter experts and passionate learners to create an environment where anyone can learn what they want, whenever they want.      
  • Our application provides user Progress and Course Ratings.

    graph You can view your Online grades by lesson and your over all average. We also provide Educators to post your Class grades completely confidential.
  • Audio and Video Tutoring.

    You will have access to a variety on instructive videos. These are made to review the mayor topics. You can also select them by different categories.
  • Multiple Document Downloads.

    You will have a bast variety of documents to download from including your professors and other student documents, like class notes, reviews, etc...
  • Flash cards by Topic.

    Flash cards will be found inside the correspondant lesson topic or you can search for the topic of liking from the Flash Card tile..

Why Choose Us

      • Our application provides user Progress and Course Ratings.
      • Lesson Attachments and Questions.
      • Audio and Video Tutoring.
      • Multiple Document Downloads.
      • Flash cards by Topic..

We are always Seeking for professionals who support our commitment to educational excellence

Our staff is highly qualify in their areas of expertise, we count with a great variety of educators all the way from masters degree to Doctorates and PhD s. Most of our team requires a minimum of 2 years of experience teaching at higher level. We are always looking for a better ways to reach our students and boost their learning curve, so they can Unleash their Full Potential ...
  • 1. Ask. Did you ever stop to consider why children are like little knowledge sponges? They don’t allow pride to prevent them from asking questions. More than anything, asking questions is the number one way to learn more every day. Be interested in what you do and remember to always be with a positive attitude towards learning new things, the easier you say it is the faster you will learned. 2. Read. Every day. 3. Search. 4. Slow Down. 5. Listen. 6. Meditate & Reflect. 7. Look , Taste, Touch and Smell, this are the.. Read more...
  • Today, millions of eager learners take advantage of our quality materials. Whether you need to Ace a class or flesh out your resume, we have the tools you need to achieve your goals.
  • There are two free web-applications that we have use in our tutorials, Zygote Body and BioDigital Human. For both these applications We have obtained explicit written permission from the respective companies to use their products in my tutorials, with the understanding that I will be using advertising within/alongside the videos.
  • This website and concept are currently in development, so there are many areas of which are yet to be covered. Like upcoming courses in Business, Entrepreneurship and Web Programming. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the site structure and video content and hope that in time, this website will be a valuable source of learning to many people. Any feedback is appreciated, so please feel free to leave your comments with any ideas or suggestions!

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  1. Ask. Did you ever stop to consider why children are...
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