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How to Improve Your Grades


Are your grades rather low? Maybe it’s the beginning of school, and you’re not getting off to a good start. Well, this easy to understand guide will show you how to improve them!


1. Build good study habits in the beginning of the school year. This makes it feel easier to do work because you feel like it is somewhat of a routine that you’re used to. Studying is an important part of being a good student. Read all your textbooks.



2. Don’t cheat!. Cheating on a test is not a part of being a good student: Being a good student means keeping your eyes on your own test. A lot of students get high grades on tests and quizzes because they cheat, then on the final exam they make a low score and will pay sooner or latter in live for not knowing the material; Specially if applying for the job of your life that requires a background on the content you never learned.  Just do your best, you’ll do well on the test. Most tests make up a lot of your grade.


3. Work harder on your assignments, study for tests, take any extra credit opportunities, and be sure to hand everything in on time. Do this regardless of what a teacher says your chances are. Also, participate more in class.


4. Prioritize. You’ll need time and dedication to get those scores up. Don’t procrastinate  and do the work.



5. Talk to your teachers about your grade. Ask if there is anything missing, or anything else you can do to improve it.

  • Obtain extra credit. This goes for regular assignments as well. If you must write at least eight sentenced paragraphs, try writing 9 or 10. If you can add color to an assignment, (this often goes for science assignments) do so! Some teachers will give you at least 1 point extra credit.


6. Do not get distracted. Focus on improving your grade. Not to say that you cannot hang out with your friends, or go out anywhere until your grade improves, but make sure to focus. This means, if you have a paper to write for Friday, maybe get it all done on Monday or at least by Wednesday. Or if you have homework, do not go anywhere until it is finished. As they always say, work first, play later.


7. Build positive relationships with classmates. Forming strong study groups has two profound benefits. The first is that you can receive help from students who understand the material better then you. The second is that you can also play the role of a tutor, and answer questions that your classmates might have. Teaching others is a proven way to increase memory retention and enhance learning. After all,two heads are better than one!



8. Be responsible. This often means cleaning out your binders, throwing away what you don’t need and organizing. Try making a folder for each class that you can put your assignments in. Or, make a homework folder that you carry with you to each class. This way, you can easily keep track of your homework, and see what is done and what is not.



9. Make note cards! Study them every night  and you should help you improve your grade. Make sure to number the note cards and mix them up every time you go over them.







  • Do not take homework and classwork lightly. Even if you do well on tests, your homework  and quizzes grades can bring you down a lot. Depending on some classes you may keep getting good grades on your tests but still fail the class.
  • Do not throw away things you need. It is best to talk to your teacher about what you should or should not keep.


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